To the attention of municipalities of small and medium communities in Ukraine

The Regional Center for Economic Research and Business Support Foundation continues to form the All-Ukrainian Rating of Institutional Capacity and Sustainable Community Development.

The next rating will be formed as of 01.01.2020.

The rating takes into account 34 criteria and insults the investment attractiveness of communities.

The rating takes into account data on the activities of 1289 communities from all regions of Ukraine (since 2018 it is used by international organizations that provide financial and technical support in Ukraine, and private investors).

To improve the completeness of the information used in determining the rating, municipal services responsible for improving the image and investment attractiveness of communities may provide the following information, which will further affect the improvement of the rating of their community.

The rating of communities is constantly changing with the receipt of new reliable information about changes in the community.

In the absence of feedback on the current activities of the community, information from open sources is used.

In the absence of information in open sources, it is marked as missing, which negatively affects the rating of the community.

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