The program for lending to MSMEs of Ukraine according to priority industry directions

This program offers preferential lending conditions to enterprises operating in certain industries, which are considered by the NUF as priority and strategically important



FPOs and private small and medium-sized enterprises, which have no more than 250 permanent employees and the volume of gross income from the sale of products (works, services) is no more than the equivalent of 5 million euros (according to the average annual rate of the National Bank of Ukraine)

Purpose of the loan

Agriculture, food industry, small hotel development, green tourism, restaurants and catering establishments, light industry, projects related to energy efficiency and energy saving, import substitution, increasing labor productivity and creating jobs in underdeveloped/depressed regions.

Credit currency


Maximum loan amount

€100,000, equivalent in hryvnia (FPO and MSME)

Interest rate

In hryvnia:

For investment loans:

no more than the level of the NBU discount rate + 5% per annum.

For working capital loans:

not more than the level of the NBU discount rate + 6% per annum.

Loan commission:

no more than 1.5% of the loan amount.

Maximum loan term

3 years (for working capital financing)

5 years (for financing investments in fixed assets)