Install a solar power plant and receive up to UAH 50,000 in compensation from the regional budget

Residents of Zhytomyr region can receive compensation of up to 50 thousand hryvnias from the regional budget – 15% of the cost of solar heating systems and 20% of the cost of solar batteries and roof panels, as well as equipment and materials for the use of alternative energy sources.

Also, the excess electricity produced by their power plant can be sold to Oblenergo at the “green tariff” and receive 0.18 euro cents (according to the NBU exchange rate) per 1 kW until 2030 – as of today, UAH 5.41. The amount is revised quarterly by the NCREP according to the exchange rate.
Residents of Zhytomyr region supported Igor Gundych’s initiative – 30 solar power plants will appear in the region by the end of the year.

On average, the house has 60 square meters. installation of solar batteries and equipment for it will cost from 230 to 250 thousand hryvnias.

LIST of equipment and materials for which compensation is provided:

•photoelectric panels (solar panels);

• charge controller;

• inverter;


• a system of mounting solar panels on the roof;

• cable and connectors for photovoltaic systems;

• electric shield for connecting solar panels to the inverter;

• protective and switching equipment for the system;

• electricity metering devices.

To receive reimbursement for solar panels and power plants, you must:

Step 1 – choose the necessary equipment from the supplier and take an invoice for it;

Step 2 – visit any state bank (Ukreximbank, Ukrgasbank, Oschadbank, Privatbank) and take a loan for installing solar heating systems;

Step 3 – buy equipment and install it;

Step 4 – confirm the fact of installation in Oblenergo;

Step 5 – the bank transfers all information about the borrower to the regional commission;

Step 6 – the commission makes a decision and informs the bank;

Step 7 – the bank reimburses up to 20% of the loan amount.


For information, you can call: (0412) 47-47-12.