Donor support for SMEs

Small business today is a socio-economic foundation, without which any innovation-oriented, and especially European, state cannot develop. Small business largely determines the rate of economic growth, structure and quality of gross domestic product. Its main function, which is extremely important – social. This is job creation, professional training.

A prominent place in the development of SMEs is occupied by financial and credit support, which is provided from budgetary, extrabudgetary and alternative sources of funding, not prohibited by current legislation, using proactive approaches of local executive bodies to find ways to financially stimulate small business development. region through appropriate targeted programs.

Where to start?

Guidelines for proper project writing and grants.

NamePurposeParticipantsDeadlineGrant amountSite
Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (COSME) is a European program for supporting small and medium-sized businessesCOSME is a set of thematic projects and programs for the period from 2014 to 2020 with a total budget of 2.3 billion euros. The list of programs determined by the European Commission changes every year. Available for Ukraine, the Program consists of 25 sub-programs, which are classified in three areas: facilitating access to foreign markets; improvement of conditions for competitiveness; formation of business culture. Among these programs: European Network of Enterprises EEN, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Internationalization of SME Clusters, Tourism Development, Facilitating Access to Public Procurement and many others.Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses, public organizations, institutions, regional development agencies, educational institutions. Any Ukrainian business associations, trade unions, clusters, state authorities have the opportunity and the right to participate in COSME projects. Separate requirements for participants are prescribed in special criteria for each of the subprograms.The terms are determined by individual programs.Funding amounts are determined by individual programsgo over
GIZ GmbH management retraining program. "Fit for Partnership with Germany"The grant program provides for the internship of representatives of enterprises in Germany with the aim of improving the level of qualifications.The target group for internships in Germany are young middle and senior managers of enterprises with export-import potentialAccording to the calendar of events of the ProgramThe grant program covers the costs of: the substantive part of the Program; consultations on professional and household issues; payment of accommodation and partial meals during the seminars; reimbursement of expenses related to trips to Germany in limited quantities within the framework of the seminar program; insurance paymentgo over
European exchange program for entrepreneursErasmus for Young Entrepreneurs offers young entrepreneurs internships in successful European companies and gain useful skills for starting and/or successfully running their own business in Europe.Young entrepreneurs who have just started their own business or are about to start their own business, experienced entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized businesses) who want to share knowledge and experience[$$-1,100]1,100go over
A grant for free business support from the Public School of BusinessThe grant project will cover only 8,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in Ukraine in 2018. The grant program consists of annual support for the growth of your business - assistance in forming a clear business model, assistance in the sale of goods and services, consulting assistance in business management. To get access to the grant program, you need to fill out the Small Business Index of Ukraine form. There are a total of 75 questions in the questionnaire, which will help us choose the best development program for your business. After filling out the questionnaire, the responsible project manager will contact you and inform you about the next steps.Small business representativesThere is none-go over
Small business support group in Ukraine from the EBRDThe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) offers grants to small and medium-sized enterprises to grow their business. It has been providing grant support to small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine since 2010. The EBRD helps enterprises attract highly qualified consultants who are capable of qualitatively transforming their business, and provides grants (non-repayable financial assistance) for partial payment of consultants' services. Funding is provided by the European Union and donor countries.Which small and medium-sized enterprises can receive an EBRD grant State - from 10 to 250 employees Private property, in which more than 50% belongs to citizens of Ukraine The period of operation of the enterprise is at least two years Good business reputation Positive dynamics of development and the need to attract a consultant Sectors: all, except financial, insurance, tobacco, gaming, strong alcoholic beverages, military-industrial.There is none.-go over
The "seed investment" fund WannaBiz offers financing for startupsThe purpose of the fund is to support startups in the field of advertising, digital marketing, mobile technologies, B2B SaaSCriteria for investment by the fund: - global projects with the participation of team members from the USA, EU or Great Britain; - the team, development, sales or support are located in Ukraine; - regular monthly income (MRR) of at least 10,000 USD; - areas of advertising technologies and SaaS.There is none.Up to USD 50,000.go over
Free consultation of a lawyer for StartupsHaving experience in managing projects, as well as having created the course "Legal aspects and features of creating your own business (startup)", the team of SkillsBar and Ukrainian Language School Kyiv can share their experience in legal subtleties when organizing one's own business.Startup founders and teamsThere is none.-go over
German Senior Experten Service program: applications from businesses, local self-government bodies, public organizations are openThe German non-profit society Senior Experten Service provides consulting assistance of specialists in order to support small and medium-sized enterprises, communal management bodies, economic associations, social and medical institutions, as well as schools and professional educational institutions. All SES projects are based on the principle of competence developmentEnterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership; natural persons – entrepreneurs; educational institutions (universities, colleges, vocational schools, schools, etc.); local self-government bodies (applications from OTG are encouraged); medical institutions; cultural and art institutions; non-governmental public organizations and foundations, etcDecember 31, 2018The program provides non-financial support - involvement of an expert. The grant provides partial compensation for the costs of engaging an expertgo over
EBRD Innovation Vouchers ProgramInnovation Vouchers are a financial instrument that allows Ukrainian companies to finance the implementation of climate innovations. Innovative Vouchers can be used by various companies - from developers of climate technologies to those who seek to use them to reduce their impact on the environment or reduce energy consumption. With the help of the Innovation Vouchers Program, the EBRD wants to support Ukrainian companies and improve the conditions for the development and implementation of climate technologies. Innovative Vouchers are a tool for launching and developing a fast-growing and significant market in Ukraine.Ukrainian companiesJune 30, 2018Most of the companies that win the competition will receive Innovation Vouchers with an average amount of financial support from the EBRD of up to EUR 20,000. For companies with projects that have the potential to become a breakthrough, which are a whole level ahead of their competitors, "mega-vouchers" of up to EUR 50,000. Such projects must demonstrate the potential and ability to achieve significant results in terms of implementing climate innovation.go over
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Call for Proposals 2018 for participation in the Danida Market Development Partnership ProgramThe purpose of the Program is to promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.Working together through partnership is a requirement to support business and different types of non-commercial partners to pool know-how and resources. Partnership projects must be built on a commercial basis, a viable business idea implemented by a business partner. A non-commercial partner cannot participate in a partnership project without the full involvement of a business partner. A partnership in accordance with the requirements of the program must include at least one business partner and one non-commercial partner. All consortium partners must be officially registered. All partners are obliged to fully comply with the requirements for non-corruption.August 16, 2018Applicants submit a concept note and can apply for a total grant of a minimum of 5 million Danish kroner and a maximum of 8 million Danish kroner for a partnership project. Danida's support in a partnership project can cover up to 75% of the total cost of the project. The remaining 25% will be covered by the project partners, can be provided as an in-kind contribution (employee time, travel expenses, etc.) or in cash.go over