The agency is in search of the best tool for effective city and community management

The director of the Regional Development Agency of the Zhytomyr region held a meeting and a short interview with Oksana Potapenko – AuxBridge business development manager about the benefits for the city and the community of the PeopleCity product. Therefore, let’s get back to the question: what is it? why? for whom?


What is smart management in today’s world?

The ability to collect, analyze and effectively use data is the main feature of the most comfortable cities around the world, regardless of their size or location. It is from data analysis that the quality of decisions made by the authorities, and therefore the quality of life of the city’s residents, depends.

In Ukraine, the power of data for municipal management has been talked about relatively recently. Leaders of cities and communities increasingly understand that by analyzing data that comes from various channels, you can see patterns, solve problems faster and more efficiently, plan, save money and, ultimately, make the daily life of residents more comfortable.

Modern technologies that allow complex analytical work to be performed in real-time come to the rescue. In addition, they eliminate human error, which often leads to wrong decisions with many negative consequences.

For municipal authorities, such technologies are, first of all, single centers or management platforms that are the basis of digital life.


How can the PeopleCity city management platform improve life in a city or community?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to take advantage of municipal platforms. You can use ready-made solutions that have been used successfully by other cities for a long time.

Thus, the PeopleCity management platform is successfully used in 80 municipalities in Israel. In some cities and communities, it has been working for more than 5 years! All of them are of different sizes and have different budgets and priorities. But with PeopleCity, managers are able to make informed management decisions based on real-time data, plan their activities and budgets, and interact effectively with residents.


How and, most importantly, why establish communication between local authorities and residents of the city/community?

One of the most important elements of smart cities is well-established communication between representatives of authorities and residents. After all, this is the key to a comfortable life in the city!

Imagine: citizens can turn to the city council and get an answer or a solution to their problem within a clearly defined time frame, and they do not necessarily have to visit the city hall building. The city authorities have the ability to inform the population about urgent and routine events in the city so that people are prepared. Everyone is satisfied and happy!

One of the tasks of PeopleCity is to establish two-way communication with residents. For this, there are three main modules in the system: Applications, Messages, and Digital Forms.

The appeals module provides an opportunity to receive complaints from residents and effectively manage them. The resident receives notifications about the status of his application in real-time, and responsible employees of the authority control the process of solving the problem online.

Notifications – a module thanks to which the local authority can send messages to citizens about routine and urgent matters. In addition, it is possible to send such messages by category, for example, to residents of a certain street or building, pensioners or students, etc.

Finally, PeopleCity allows you to create various digital forms to, for example, ask residents for their opinion or get information about their urgent needs, etc.

By the way, the situation with COVID-19 has shown that such tools are not only useful but also necessary!


You say that PeopleCity can help save budget funds. Please explain this.

The use of technological solutions is, first of all, an investment in the future. Thus, the experience of the world’s cities and communities, where digital tools have been used for many years, shows that the use of management platforms allows them to:

Reduce the amount of response time to public appeals by local self-government bodies by 40%-75%.
Increase the efficiency of local self-government employees by 50%-80%.
Digitize all processes of city life, in particular, document circulation, by 60%-100%.
To receive analytics on the work of municipal enterprises, which helps to increase the efficiency of their work by 50%-100%.
Use budget funds more efficiently by 30-60%.

In addition, as the level of involvement of the population in the life processes of cities increases, it becomes easier to create a positive image of the city or community, promote the development of tourism, and attract investments.

PeopleCity has no analogs in the Ukrainian market. It is a working municipal system with the highest degree of protection that can start working in any city or community tomorrow. In addition, there is no need to buy additional equipment, and servers and hire new specialists.

Approach the choice of digital solutions wisely and choose the best!