"Green" energy will be sold through Prozorro e-auctions

"Green" energy will be sold through Prozorro e-auctions

The government has approved a solution that allows green auctions to sell energy from alternative sources at transparent auctions through the Transparent.

This will stimulate the production of alternative energy and reduce the price of "clean" energy.

The Government's decision creates the conditions for the development of renewable energy; allow to attract cheap credit resources; will promote the development of high-tech equipment production in Ukraine.

After all, the key features of the “green” auctions envisaged by the resolution are in particular:

- ensuring fair competition among the bidders;

- maintaining the complete confidentiality of the bidders and their submissions and complete disclosure of all information after the bidding process is completed;

- automatic formation of a protocol on the results of auctions and determination of winners by the electronic trading system, which eliminates the influence of the "human" factor;

- ensuring public control over the whole auction process;

- convenience and simplicity for investors, which does not involve the use of paper documents or the physical presence of participants at the stage of preparation and holding the auction.

The first auctions are scheduled for April 2020. Presentation in English you can watch here.