How ratings affect the image of the region.

How ratings affect the image of the region.

Measures to improve your ranking (or for the first time in a rating competition) are activities aimed at improving the quality, motivating and rewarding the activity of employees, analyzing the data provided by the ratings to identify strengths and weaknesses, creating teams of specialists performing analysis the results of the ratings and the oversight of the application process for ratings, strengthening those areas of activity where the ratings indicate that deficiencies exist.

This definition is given by Polish experts and scientists.

But Ukrainian experts believe that ratings are an important but not universal factor in management. They play an important role in the image at national and international levels, and are one of the tools that make it possible to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to benchmark and monitor (in particular internal audit) the dynamics of the development of different areas of their activity, especially those that underlie when evaluating.

In fact, both thoughts are true and exist. Moreover, good use of any theory can produce good results.

In view of the above, it can be understood that participating in a rating by section of an image component can both improve it and make it worse. Therefore, if you participate in such competitions and aim to improve your image, you should be very confident in their abilities.

For example, Ukraine ranks 134th in the Economic Freedom Index (according to the annual Economic Freedom of the World). How does this affect the image of the country and what does it say? The main claims against Ukraine are insufficient protection of property rights and a complicated tax system. These figures strongly pull the country down. Because of this, people do not want to invest in our country. Because at any moment the prosecutor's office, courts, police, anyone can just pounce and rob the owner of what he has earned.

It is believed that in our country one of the most complex tax systems in the world. Such international rankings are not a futile thing. Because the higher the country is in such a rating of economic freedoms, the higher its welfare, the more people earn, the gross domestic product of the country grows, and the country becomes richer.

Ukraine's image did not benefit from such a rating, but the weaknesses that need serious and systematic reform are clearly visible. Accordingly, after which the country will be able to raise its rating, which entails not only the image but also the flow of foreign investments.

Doing Business rating also helps to draw conclusions about their own economic strategy, create new forecasts, and choose ways of doing business. Doing Business gives you the opportunity to evaluate the ease of doing business by 10 key indicators and allows you to compare countries with each other. Measurements are taken into account in the course of rating creation, which allows to clearly outline real improvements in the country's regulatory system. And it would be blasphemy not to use the results of an annual survey to measure the quality of the regulatory environment.

There are studies that confirm the positive relationship between the country's ranking and the foreign direct investment that Ukraine needs so much. And improving positions in Doing Business is a positive signal for investors who choose between different countries, such as a site for new production.

However, it should be remembered that rating is not a decisive factor or a key factor when choosing a product / country / region for investment / business / life / tourism / etc. Rather, it is an auxiliary indicator of quality and approach.

Instead, it should be noted that, before participating in a particular rating, it is necessary to pay attention to the organizer, the number and quality of participants, the timing of evaluation, the prescribed clear, objective and measurable indicators, the relevance of the submitted data, the reality, as well as clear the classifications by which the company / country / community is allowed to participate in the rating.

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